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Bill Koch Youth Ski Club
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The mission of the BKYSL is to introduce young people to the lifelong sport of skiing with its recreational, social, fitness and competitive opportunities

The national BKYSL philosophy also includes "competition, skill development and social interaction key elements of any club offering". A major goal is to see more BKYSL graduates continue racing as US licensed competitors.

The club meets on Saturday afternoons from 2 PM until 3 PM, starting January 1, 2000 and ending March 4, 2000.  We will meet at Windblown if conditions allow.  We will set up a phone tree to inform families of any changes to our meeting schedule and will post changes here as well.  If there is no snow locally, we will consider meeting at other ski areas further North.

The club is operated by parents and one parent is encouraged to fulfill a club task.  There are lots of tasks for experienced and novice skiers, including coaching, assistant coach (fetching kids out of the snow banks), ski chaperone (come ski with us), assistant race coordinator, race photographer (we have the camera), race helpers, etc.  It really is a lot of fun! 


The Windblown Club skis out of the Windblown Cross Country Ski Center located in New Ipswich, New Hampshire (603) 878-2869.

We hold practices every Saturday at 1:00PM at the Windblown Cross Country Ski Center.  

Contact Us

For information about the Windblown Club, please contact John Tainor by e-mail at trainorlake@earthlink.net or by phone at (978) 582-6467.

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