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Welcome. Here are link to my other pages regarding favorite places that I've visited. Each destination has both text and photo's to give you a good idea about what the place is like froma naturalists point of view, with some side discussions, such as Communist China in 1987 during the first student riots (and my visits to the Ming tombs, the Great Wall, Forbidden city and more) the wonders of Bonaire and other islands, the time I broke my neck falling off of the volcano in St. Vincent, The drug dealer that wanted to KILL me in St. Kitts because both little ole me and Ronald Regan were both Americans!, the Everglades (my favorite place in the world), Arizona, Curacao, St Lucia, The Great Dismall Swamp and more!

Still growing. More added weekly.

Published by John R. Fisher. All photo's and text are copyright (C) by John R. Fisher. Permission granted for noncommercial use. Any posting on noncommercial web pages must include above copyright and link to this page. Send E-Mail if you are interested in purchasing any photo's or would like enlargements.

Bonaire: The Caribbean's Best

Curacao -Netherland Antilles

St. Lucia-Coming soon

The Everglades-A Swamp! (Yes Limbaugh, it is a swamp and I LOVE IT!)

More coming soon!

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