Scanning services offered to help you get your photo's and stuff onto your Web Page. I offer high resolution, thru the mail scanning at reasonable rates with quantity discounts. Same day turnaround for small jobs. Resolution up to 4800 dpi (though you can't see any improvement beyond 300dpi on your computer monitor and your file would be many Megs!)

Short course on scanning for the Web: Many of the picture you see on the Web are between 90 and 300 DPI. The better the resolution the higher the files size, so its always a trade off. In reallity, since most monitors deliver no better than 300dpi resolution, it makes no sense to go any higher. The only time you should go higher is if you want to print the image, and then only as high as the resolution of the printer. A typical 4"X6" photo scanned at 300dpi (with its size being at approximately screen size) will be about 40K in size. (I can also make you thumbnails to use as such or for buttons. Thumbnails like I have on my home page are about 1-2K in size) I've pretty much found that the quality of the scan is as good as the quality of the original. Grain size in the original also has some effects on the scan. The photo below of the space shuttle is one I scanned from a color glossy 8"X10" NASA photo. Its really crisp! Contrast that against some of the photo's on my Renaissance page (one available below) that were taken with only available lighting in a night club using Koday 1000 speed film and you can see the difference (still great photo's and scan's, though!) Now look at the photo below taken with Kodak 25 speed film (a bad-ass film for full sun light work) and you'll get an idea of what to expect. I can also touch up problems (such as scratches), enhance colors and do special effects such as embossing (See the SEX thumbnail and the background to my Renaissance page), which can be really interesting, motion blurs, B-W, mosaic and negative views. I'll also be capable soon of scanning 35mm slides also. Presently I can do up to 8"X10".

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300 dpi, Kodak 1000 speed, 54.9K 400dpi, Kodak 25 speed, 42K 400dpi,High gloss paper scan, 36K

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