Model, High Power Photo's and Photo's of the real stuff. (original photo's, copyright by John R. Fisher. Permission granted for noncommercial use. All available for sale for other use. Send inquiries via E-Mail or to my home written on the back of a twenty dollar bill ).

As you can probably tell, I've had a lifelong addiction to anything connected to rockets and space. I grew up (I use that term loosely!) in the Apollo age and still have vivid memories of watching that era unfold on TV. I even have about six hours of reel to reel audio tape of two of the mission that I recorded because I had to go to school and didn't want to miss anything (that was in the cro-magnon days of NO VCR's (E-Gads!) I plan to add some .WAV files from those tapes, stay tuned! I get pretty pissed off if you get me going about this countries spineless lack of commitment to space exploration and the greatness that comes with it for any country with the vision to go into uncharted waters. And don't give me any of that California or Massachusetts bleeding heart whining about feeding the poor. To paraphrase Monty Python, "Intercourse the poor, I want to go into space." Below are some JPG's of some of my photo collection taken at KSC and JSC. I've also thrown in some favorites that I've acquired.. All photo's are mine unless otherwise noted.

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I've had the pleasure of witnessing three shuttle launches and of visiting KSC and JSC. All my JSC photo's are on slides so until I get a transparency adapter for my scanner I won't have any of them here. Check again in a few months.

The Real Stuff!

Juno @ KSC
At the moment of liftoff,
lights the FLA sky!
STS76 head to the heaven's Mercury Atlas @ KSC
Saturn 1B @KSCArtsy shot of Merc Atlas @KSC Gemini-Titan @ KSC Merc Redstone @ KSC
Nose cone of Merc-Redstone Rocket garden @KSC Rocket garden @KSC Saturn 1B capsule
Saturn 1B "business end!"
Thor @ KSC
Merc Redstone @ KSC
Nasa Photo's!Scanned by yours truly!

STS1 Columbia liftoff! (NASA) Apollo 17 at night(NASA) Saturn V liftoff (Isn't she beautiful?)NASA
Atlantis maiden flight (NASA) STS-1 Columbia lands(NASA)

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White Sands Missile Range

Model and High Power

NCR Shuttle on an H-128 Estes Merc-Atlas on E11-J Someone else's on an I
My Estes Saturn V on the pad Saturn V disemboweled with a motor cato Estes Titan III lifts off on E11-J
NCR Shuttle NCR Shuttle with smoke! Estes Titan III on E11-J

THE MERCURY REDSTONE PROJECT: I started over a year ago to make an upscale version of the Estes Mercury Redstone kit. I used LOC 5.5" tubing for the body, ultra light plywood for the fins and spent the better part of the winter putting the sucker together. I was fortunate enough to meet a fine gent who turned the nose cone for me. I epoxied four pieces of 2"X2"X12" Balsa and his magic lathe (and talent) did the rest. I made the escape tower out of wooden dowels and deviated from scale (egads!) to ensure strength as I'm sick of those little Estes towers that break off and want this sucker to survive a trip to hell and back. Other details include an internal launch lug, fins expoxied to the body tube and made as one unit before insertion into the body tube (see photo below).

I flew it for the first time last month on an I-211W. The rocket weighed in at 5.5lbs. Center of gravity was just where it needed to be compared to the Estes kit so no nose weight was needed. With the exception of a slight tilt to the north on take off the flight was BEAUTIFUL. Very slow and majestic. I was planning on having the motor ejection charge pop a drouge chute around apogee and use my Pratt RC system for main chute deployment. However, it was apparent that when the rocket reached apogee I still had quite a lot of time to wait for the medium delay to fire. Thus, I deployed the main with my RC unit slightly after apogee (I'd estimate 1000 feet) and recovered all intact and ready to fly again. (Commentary and a shameless plug for Mr. Pratt-Anyone that spends large amounts of time and money making a rocket and then doesn't invest in a back up deployment system is absolutely NUTS in my book. I don't know how many times I've seen beautiful rockets needlessly core sample when either the delay was too long or the ejection charge failed. The Pratt system has saved my NCR shuttle three times, my LOC Caliber once (from power lines, popped the main and the wind did the rest), my Thoy Nighthawk when only two of the three G80's lit and it arced over) and I'm pretty sure this project would have crashed if I had waited for my poor selection of ejection delay to fire. Invest in one of these suckers. Trust me. You'll be happy you did.)

Some folks at the launch took a video of the flight. When I get my copy I'll try to make an MPEG of it and get it on here for your viewing pleasure.

On the pad, waiting.....
Seconds before launch
Onward and upward!
The guts!

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