Welcome to my Photography page. Here I've put many of my favorite photo's that I've taken both locally and from my ventures and adventures from around the world. You'll find stuff like nice sunsets from around the world to the Great Wall to the volcano I fell off of in St. Vincent and broke my neck on. I'll update this frequently some please come back soon. And don't forget, permission is granted for private, non-commerical use of all photo's. If you'd like to buy any (or ALL) send me an E-Mail or do the twenty dollar bill thing.

SUNSETS!Great choice of font color, eh?

Loon Pond, Hillsboro NH Straits Pond, Cohasset, Mass.

Fisherman in silhouetteMore Loon Pond

I love Loon PondOh Loon Pond!

Sunset in Curacao (Caribbean) St. Vincent


In my Yard! My Barn My Barn again

Are you impressed with my yard yet? My Tree!

More my tree's. Barn from rear Grape vine

Deering, NH

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