The Insect and Reptile Page and one crustacean! (just what you've been looking for, right?)

The crab above is one of several tree crabs that walked into my room while staying at a small guest house on St. Vincent. He spent the week living in my suitcase eating Ritz crackers and drinking water from a sponge. Big problem I had was finding a sponge. Then I realized all I had to do was snorkel off the beach and find a live one! I almost attempted to bring him back home with me but in the end wimped out, not wanting to get into trouble with the fine folks at immigration! I let him go and only hope he got over his Ritz cracker addiction. For your very own photo commemorating the crabs I caught in St. Vincent, click here.

A bee! Baby gators in the Everglades

A wall 'o lizards in Bonaire (Mr. Darwin, Mr. Darwin!) My Fave!

Gator Gator, up close and personal!

There's a spot just north of Santa Cruz California (a city that can claim more Messiah's per street corner than any other in the world!) where the Monarch Butterfly's congregate in the winter. It really is amazing to see so many of them in one place. Just like the photo's in National Geographic come alive. Worth a visit if you can put up with the Santa Cruzian fruitcakes .

Monarchs Monarchs Monarchs

Close ups of Monarch's taken in Weymouth, Mass

Monarch Monarch

Water Mocassin Turtles

Turtle Turtle

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