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Including Scanning services, NASA Rockets (Saturn V, Mercury Redstone, Shuttle, Atlas), High power and Model Rockets, Sex, Tropical fish, fiction (Horror, sci-fi), photography, Renaissance, foliage, Caribbean, Sunsets, Pets, cats, dogs, birds, Music, humor, original artwork, pastel's and oils.

The promised Astrophotography section will be added on Tuesday, 10/1/96. Sorry, got busy. Also, I've ordered a add on for my scanner for slides. I'll be creating a whole section on China later this month. Stay tuned.

Welcome and thank you for visiting with us. This page has stuff from the mundane to the not mundane, which is how I can justify using such key words as Sex (.jpg's of my fish spawning), Violence (.jpg's of my rockets blasting heavenward with flames trailing) and Rock and Roll (I subject you to my favorite bands, some commentary and photo's and links (BTW, you won't find the term "cool link" used here EVER. Don't you think the term "cool" has been abused on the Web? get a Thesaurus folks!).) Plus, you can download some of my fiction, which does cover all of the above. And some of my music. If you don't laugh at least once while visiting here please let me know and I'll refund your admission price! If you laugh more than twice, you owe me double (first laugh is free for both of us. Rots of ruck!)

I've tried to use thumbnails (or at least reduced size JPG's) everywhere so that if your one of the few people who's not ready to kill for a "Buncha-K" graphic of me standing on the Great Wall of China you won't waste your connect time. If your coming here via one of the commercial on line services such as CIS, AOL, etc, you're probably frustrated at the slow speed and expense. Have your heard of ISP's (Internet Service Provider's)? Chances are there is one local to you that provides Internet access with a local phone call with unlimited on line time at no additional charge. Even if your using a commercial service at 28.8 accessing the internet via an ISP at the same speed will give you much quicker internet access and the pages will load significantly faster. The commercial services are a bottle neck. To find an ISP near you click HERE to go to a great ISP directory


On the left is me on the Great Wall Of china, as promised. Isn't this the hi-lite of your week? On the right is Serah, artfully rendered by one of the nations highest paid graphic artists (Serah's camera shy.) Note the color coordinated shoes and skirt!


Scanning services! Reasonable rates. One day turnaround. High resolution.

ROCKETS!Model, High Power and the REAL PUPPIES!

Original Photography! Including SUNSETS (cliche` I know but I still like them), FOLIAGE to show you why I love the Northeast, and other miscellaneous animals, landscapes and stuff. Enjoy.

Renaissance (The band, not the period!)

Music etc..- General music stuff, with my top ten list, links to other sites, etc. Ton's 'O' Stuff coming soon. Even some .WAV files of my original music

SEX - Favorite links!

Frank: A tribute to my ex-cat! This guy could predict earthquakes!

Travel photo's and related text from around the world- Caribbean, China, Hong Kong, US-AZ, CA, FL, MA, NH, VA and more!

Flora and Fauna, Photo's and stories of plants and animals I have photographed and encountered.

Original fiction, Horror, Sci-Fi, Speculative, Mystery and some humor and political essays-Coming soon!

Plus Tropical fish, Birds, our dogs and alien body parts found in the deserts of Nevada, presently on loan to Oliver Stone for his new film "Columbus Day", when the aliens come to the new world!

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Please send all E-mail to :jfisher@jlc.net

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