The Bird Page

All kinds of bird photo's here, from Herons, Egrets, Vultures, Raptors, Parrots and more. More added weekly. Sorry about the lack of details on identification. I'll get out my book and identify by species soon.

All photo's are copyright (C) by John R. Fisher. Permission granted for noncommercial use. Any posting on noncommercial web pages must include above copyright and link to this page. Send E-Mail if you are interested in purchasing any photo's or would like enlargements.

Heron Heron Bittern

Galaneau Galaneau White Heron

White Heron White Heron in flight Heron

Lousisiana Blue Heron? White Ibis Parotts(zoo)

Pelican Raptor Raptor

Osphrey in tree. They just caught a fish! Scarlet Ibis (zoo) Skimmer in flight

Turkey Vulture Yellow Crown Night Heron


More Soon


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