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We started our herd with pure Chilean stock from the 1996 importation because of their beautiful range of colors. Our breeding plan was to cross them with pure Peruvian animals of greater size, bone density and fineness of fiber to realize the best of both worlds- a truly American alpaca of superior conformation and fiber quality.

Recently, we purchased a pure Peruvian imported female and a Peruvian weanling female both outstanding in their conformation and fiber. We have not purchased a herdsire- our plan is to find the very best males to breed with our females. A month ago we began "interviewing" herdsires....and the quest continues!

Meet A Few of Our Alpacas....
"Fabio" (the brown one with all the hair), "Coco y Leche" (white and brown), "Black Diamond" and "Starlighter".

"Black Diamond" (jet black)............Starlighter- the cute 6 month old. BDFabio & Starliter are "people friendly" geldings. They like people and their role is as public relations animals- parades, 4-H, fiber shows, school visits etc.

This is our Super Bowl boy- "G.B." at about 3 weeks with his mom Black Patent Girl (aka "Big Hair"). He is now nearly 3 months old and may be our most wonderful surprise- so far, his conformation is perfect- a possible future herdsire!

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