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Our 1890 Queen Anne Victorian

Bedford is a new town by New Hampshire standards- established in 1750. Although our farm once boasted a 60'x80' barn on a massive foundation (we discovered 6' granite blocks when we began excavation), it no longer existed. So we were faced with the daunting task of building a new barn in the dead of winter- our alpacas were waiting.

 Posts go up for a typical New England post & beam barn.


Carol in front of something starting to look like a barn......and, finally, a barn! We designed the barn, the paddocks, interior and perimeter fencing with the thoughtful input of a number of alpaca breeders and by visiting and questioning a variety of breeders about the pros and cons of their facilities. We then contacted and interviewed 12 builders. Several specialized in traditional post and beam structures while others emphasized frame and metal designs- one even disassembled old barns and rebuilt them on your site. As a result, we came to learn a lot about barn and fence design- which is why we designed and oversaw the construction of our own- we found none met the unique needsof alpacas.

If you're a new breeder faced with similar construction needs, we're happy to give advice. If you'd like more comprehensive assistance, design consultation is available.

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