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About Us......

Hidden Hill Farm is located in the beautiful and historic town of Bedford, New Hampshire. Sitting atop a wooded hill in the Historic District, the centerpiece of the farm is a charming Queen Anne Victorian built in 1890. We recently completed the construction of a traditional New England barn, paddocks and state-of-the-art pasture fencing systems.

Our Philosophy.....

Our primary goal is to breed animals of correct conformation, high fiber quality and to promote the growth of the alpaca industry. Many breeders emphasize fiber before conformation- we do not. The alpaca is a grazing animal which means in its wild state it must be able to move from pasture to pasture for forage. In nature, animals with significant physical defects will not survive. We breed animals which would survive in their natural state. By combining animals of correct conformation with those possessing desirable fiber density and color, the result is a truly American alpaca. This is the future of the alpaca industry in the United States.

Our Background

Carol Karsten is a senior financial analyst with a major investment firm. She has worked in this field for over 20 years and brings a unique eye for evaluating and understanding investment qualities and financial product development. Her particular interest in alpacas lies with their unique fiber- she spins, knits and soon, will begin weaving.

Jim Cross is the farm manager. From owning several retail stores to serving as Marketing Director for a leading edge high tech firm, his background is varied. Being raised in Northern California, he was exposed to llamas at an early age and always held a fascination for camelids. It was this interest that led them to research raising alpacas as a possible investment and lifestyle.

A year of intensive research into the investment value and future of the alpaca industry preceded "making the plunge". We visited many breeders, large and small, in several parts of the country. The research involved hundreds of hours searching the web, libraries and accessing every bit of published material available from resources like the Alpaca Owners & Breeders Association, among others.

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