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"The best way to fish from a paddled boat"

$10.95 ea

Hands free trolling from a paddled boat (canoe or kayak) gives some of the best fishing results in salt or fresh water. No rods to hold or keep from tangling.


Fresh water species: Trout, Pike, Pickerel, Bass, Salmon
Salt water species: Striped Bass, Blue Fish, Mackerel, Pollack, Barracuda

The EZ-Troll allows you to fish where others can't - behind the surf zone and in the shallows.

Secure the EZ-Troll under a bungie cord when trolling.

Great for kids!! Can be used as a hand line for bottom fishing!!


CAUTION: Do not tie line to boat or person when trolling.


EZ-Troll is effective for all ages and abilities. Here's a photo album of a recent trip to the Cape Cod area as well as some other locales.

To place your order send $10.95 + $3.50 for first class shipping to:

Hal Levine
61 Curtis Farm Rd., Wilton NH 03086

Dealers and distributors welcome!

If you have any EZ-Troll fishing stories or pictures, we would like to hear about them! Click here to read about people's experiences with EZ-Troll.


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