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Mirror Making Software

Ronchi testing is much easier and our software and instructions fill in the gaps. Discover a better and faster way to test your mirror.

Ronchi Testing for Macintosh (68K and PPC). (110K)

Ronchi Testing for Windows (3.1 and 95) delayed indefinitely until more demand

The final touch: making sure the mirror is qualitatively as good as the best you can do. Star testing with Ronchi screens let you know you have an excellent mirror, but if you want to brag or just feel more comfortable knowing the wavefront error of your mirror, then you want our Foucault data analysis programs.

Foucault Testing for Macintosh

Foucault Testing for Windows


Photography Software

Exposure Times for Macintosh

Exposure Times for Windows


Basic Telescope Design Software

Dobson Alt/Az

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