Amateur Telecope Making (ATM)

Building Telescopes

There are several pieces to a typical reflecting telescope. Many are made commercially and are of fine quality. Often, however, commercial scopes cannot have optics of the same quality that you yourself can make. This is because making telescope mirrors is an art and final work must be done by hand. Here's my ongoing list of answers to frequently asked questions. And for those who want on the background of choosing a telescope, try looking here.

For people on a budget, or folks like me who enjoy making things inexpensive and using Yankee ingenuity, here's some ideas you may want to try:

Some Details on my 6 Inch

Tracking Equatorial Platform (Poncet Table)

For more advanced photographythan a barndoor, a more sophisticated tracker can be made. The equatorial Poncet table is a great addition for any simple telescope that use the Dobson alt-az design. Here's how to make one.

Homemade Focuser

For a simple, very inexpensive eyepiece holder that works quite well, you might want to make one of these.

A 12.5" Newtonian/CassegrainTelescope

A few photos of my current telescope project.

Make a Mirror! (new)

Journal of a mirror that I made, in under 10 hours!

Build a FoucaultTester

For testing mirrors that you make, this is the device that you would use.

Software for ATMs

We have now developed software to assist people in making their own telescopes:

Other ATMers' Sites