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Under Construction Continously Under Construction, as always!

Read all about the Invasion Force project by Tony Belding. In short the project is an Empire sytle (for those of us with fond memories of Empire) strategic wargame. It is quite playable right now, for two or more people and has the beginnings of AI players.

For the latest version (and any one of us can be coming out with it, so check all three sites), hunt around. Either here, at Tony's site (see links above) or at Ed Snyder's own Invasion Force Page.

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Here are the first versions of IF with functioning AI

Notice that I didn't say that that these versions have good AI. Just that they have one. The AI (for now) stands for "Almost an Idiot", but that will change. The AI player is now more of a nuisance to a human player rather than an actual challenge.

This has been changing ever so slowly. Slowly is the word! It is now May 20, 1997, and a new AI has yet to hit the streets. The tools are more solid now, and I've added some nifty new debugging features.

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For those daring souls out there, the VERY latest version of IF (usually made available to Alpha testers) can be found on my FTP site. As of May 20, 1997, that version is 16c.

Also, on another of my pages I have placed the articles I wrote for ExecBase magazine (now gone) on writing the AI for IF. So, if anyone is interested, they can read them. I hope to add more soon.

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Without further ado, here is the most recent archive:

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Version 16a is ready for your amusement! (April 22, 1997)

Did he say version 16a?? Yes, loyal fans, my last postings here were in various versions of 11, and the others working on IF have been making great strides without me. I've finally caught up and can add a little something to the mix.

Please Note: This update requires Tony's version 16 archive, which can be found on his website (mentioned above). Sorry, but it doesn't have a fancy installer like version 15 did, but there were some major bugs that I felt had to be dealt with immediately, so here is the latest.

Update archive: IFv16a.lha (about 275K)

And here is where to get the archive via anonymous FTP:

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We've Got MAPS!!!

Roberto Rosselli was kind enough to send me three maps of his own devising - the first person to do so. Thanks Roberto! Without further ado, here they are packed into an archive, so we can all enjoy them. I'll update this archive - adding more maps to it, as people send them in (hint hint!). 8-)

(May 20, 1997) The maps have been updated to version 16, and some terrain changed as a result, but the original intent has been kept.


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For those who are just going to get the program and run it, please drop me a message with any comments (even "Wow! Cool stuff! Keep it coming!") as encouragement is especially welcome 8-). The more psyched you can get me about working on it, the faster it will go.

I've asked for Alpha testers before, but Tony has set us up with 5, so thanks everyone! Of course, you don't need to be an official alpha tester to tell us about a problem.

Everyone who e-mails me will be put on my own personal mailing list - and will get a message when a new version of IF is ready for downloading. And it won't cost you a cent! What a deal!

Look Here! And check this page every few weeks to see the latest

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Big kudos to Tony, Lorne (you know who you are!), Ed (the new kid on the block, and boy has he made his presence felt), and Renee (for putting up with me). Many thanks to you all.