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Beefcake Messiah News

We have just added our music to!  This wonderful free online music service is generating an enormous buzz these days, and what better way to spread the word of the Messiah!  If you happen to be a Beefcake Virgin and have yet to be deflowered by our mind-numbing power, head straight to and grab the latest MPEG 1/Layer 3 versions of some tunes off of our newest CD ok tomato.

So yes, it has been a while since this was last updated, but frankly there has not been much to say.  This year has shown us a handful of interesting performances, some successful, others not.

Mad props to PMP, Jolly Trolley, Jammed Hamm, and all the Milfud boyz who put together a block-rockin' show on the 25th!  Long live the local music scene!

However, the Greatest Letdown would have to be the closing of the esteemed Elvis Room Espresso Bar & Lounge in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  For those not familiar with this local landmark, it was the long-standing center of the alternative music scene in the New Hampshire Seacoast region.  Due to money problems, the owner was forced to cease operations and the results are only now being truly felt by the local music-loving population.  Our humble band had two shows that we were excited to announce to you all, but the first of these happened to be on June 8th: the day that the establishment was closed.

Such is life!!!

But we shall persevere, at least for a short while longer...

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