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The Deli Electric Company
The Deli Electric Company is a semi-functional record label founded
and run by Beefcake Messiah.  It was started to provide a name under
which the band could release their own material, projects related to
the band, and music by artists that spark their interests.  So far there's
only very little to show for it.  But for the future, they hope that The Deli Electric
Company will grow to be a unique endeavor that not only releases records,
but also provides production services and music for various media.


"The Spacecow Conception" EP
really low on copies of this (3?), but more will be available soon
they will probably cost $5 or so

ok tomato
the critically-acclaimed debut album from the eclectic founders of The Deli Electric Company
available for $10 plus shipping and handling

Pork & Beans
Can of Shit: the Greatest Hits of Pork & Beans
A super-group predating even Beefcake, these four guys from Milford, New Hampshire display amazing improvisational skills and a nack for unforgetable hooks.  And every album is completely made up on the spot!  Every mother's nightmare, the very best and dumbest of their material is available on this limited edition CD.
available in limited quantity for $8 plus shipping

Kimo Johnson's four-piece rock project with Aaron on guitar as well.  A little rock, a little pop, a little jazz.  They have no official releases yet, but don't pass them by.

Jolly Trolly
& The Apple Dumpling Gang
"We're like a second-generation Beefcake Messiah," says Jolly Trolley's lead vocalist/guitarist Jake Sherman, younger brother of BM guitarist Aaron.  This new Milford High School group astonished their friends (and elder siblings) at a local show with their loud, brash, humorous punk rock.  Possibly a demo out by the end of the summer.

Vaguely Star-shaped
What originally started as Aaron's solo project eventually became an entirely new band with Aaron's multi-talented brother Jake on drums, and Beefcake drummer Pat on guitar. Temporarily in need of a bassist, this new group is still in development stages, but definitely look out for some shows by the fall and a newly recorded demo.

Beefcake bassist Liam's newest supergroup of experimental punk-fused surf rock guitar assault!!!  Playing new originals off the work-in-progress "Spacecow: Tales of the Bovine", and selected covers, their plan is lay waste to all those wimpy-ass surf-a-billy bands who have no idea how EVIL surf can be!!!

You wanting to hear the heaviest band in the world?!?!  Hailing from post-Communist Germany, these bier-drinking bastards beat Rammstein under the table!  Never before heard in the United States, the Deli Electric Company is assisting them in their American conquest of METAL!

Wanna spend your money?  Print out our order form and send us your cash!

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