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Greg Fowler may be big, he may have lots of piercings, and he may have a (what color is it?) mohawk, but behind the fearsome facade, what we have is the band teddy bear.  He likes long walks on the beach, romantic candle-lit dinners, and tirades through campgrounds dressed as Ronald Regan in a scuba suit with an icepick.

Liam Baker never set out to be weird.  He just is.  Aside from juggling duties as the band's bassist, optional synth player, and theremin player, he can also be found vomiting on tape and writing music based on chipmunks.  But all this is put aside when the sun goes down, as Liam's real enjoyment is pickin' up fine college chicks with his natural good looks and charm!

Aaron Sherman needs to get a life.  When he's not practicing his guitar or piano, he's probably in his room sitting in front of a computer writing e-mail, or at work sitting in front of a computer writing e-mail.  His friends call him APOH WEPMAH.  This has nothing to so with his sedentary lifestyle, he just got used to it.  Sometimes he even talks to a girl or two (sometimes!).

Kimo Johnson's real name is Kimo.  He's part Hawaiian.  He's also way too smart for his own good.  Aside from getting straight A's in all his classes (hard ones!) he likes to make barbeque sauce, and force computers to produce sound.  He, unlike most of the band, is NOT single.  His girlfriend's name is Amity.  It's scary to think of what their kids might be called.

Pat Boutwell is the youngest, yet the tallest member of the band.  He also plays guitar, bass, Moog, and sings.  Well HOOP DEE DOO!!!  He often sounds like James Brown and Butthead at the same time.  We're not sure how he does this.  He seems to like classic rock and food a lot.  No one will ever understand this.

Eventually there will be a special page dedicated to the band's history.  Now it's a mystery!! (Ho ho that rhymes!)

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