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Setting up your Home Page

As a John Leslie Consulting customer, you are entitled to 10 megabytes of space on the JLC web server. In order to create a home page, you must be familiar with HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language.) There are several resources on the Internet that can be of help.

After your pages have been created, you must transfer them to our Web server. There are several steps to this.

  1. Start your FTP client (We distribute Fetch and Anarchie for Macintosh and WS FTP for Windows)
  2. Connect to using your web username and password.
  3. Change to the .html directory
  4. Upload your files to the .html directory
  5. Change the name of your main page to index.html

After that is done, you can see your home page by going to


Validators are good for checking your pages for correct HTML markup when human error can creep in. We suggest that you check your pages in at least one of the below validators.
  1. Weblint
  2. HTMLChek
  3. SGMLS
  4. the Validator (highly recommended)

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Contact JLC Support at (603) 673-6132 for more information.

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