Finally: a "56k" Standard!

On September 17th, the "v.90" standard was approved. This means that modems manufactured after that date can meet an actual standard, not just a "proposed" one.

We currently have 23 incoming lines capable of accepting "56k" connections, and about 100 customers are successfully using these connections.

Many customers have had to perform software upgrades on their "v.90" modems, and you may well have to do the same if the modem you buy was made before September 1998, but the JLC staff will be happy to help you through the upgrade process.

Please note that the 56K dialup number is in Nashua, so it is not local for Wilton (654). Any connections will be charged as long-distance. The 33.6 number, however, is local.

This page was last updated on 29 June 1999.

Contact JLC Support at (603) 673-6132 for more information.

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